Buyer Instructions

***Paypal accepted to address alita87 [at] gmail [dot] com Paypal is the easiest and most reliable method of payment. If you absolutely have no way of accessing a paypal account please contact me and we may be able to work something out.

***Email me for any details about the items. Please email me with your zip code when asking about shipping prices. DO NOT post your zip code on the journal itself.

***Shipping will be calculated by Japan Postal standards.  Most items will be shipped as small parcel which can range from $6-$25 (only for the largest parcels)  I will check weight and let you know shipping when you are interested in an item.  If you are really concerned about shipping price, ground shipping can be done though this will take 1-2 months and does not have insurance attached with it.  However, I received many packages from ground myself with no problems.  Well, atleast from the Japan side.  We all know that US postal workers aren't always the most careful with packages. x_x  However I will do my best to make sure it reaches you in a timely manner.

****Most items being sold from now on are items that my boyfriend and I have both acquired while living in Japan.  However, my boyfriend Michael is very skilled with UFO Catchers so if you have any requests we might be able to accommodate them.

Prices are negotiable within reason. Many of the idol goods are rare and not for sale in store anymore so I will be less flexible with them. Please contact me if you have an questions.

~~~Re-opening Soon, from Japan~~~

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